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Chroniques politiques et culturelles (CP) - 20 MAR 1939 - Anglais

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Aperçu rapide de l'OCR:
The recent events in Europe have naturally
made a deep impression on the Swiss Qonfodoraftslftiw| M I» »
Last Saturday the 18th. of March Mr. Etter ypf the Swiss Confed«
ration made a statement on the air of the impression of the
Swiss Federal Counsel concerning the pre nX JUÈtUâîi.inïLA!ièi
will now give you a few extracts of his adress.
The Swiss Federal Cpuneél refrained from taking any extraordinary
mesures, military or otherwAJÊie j during the last few days.
The Federal Counsel is watching the course of international
events,which are unfortunately, still very unsettled, with firmnesSaßndV.
We sincerely trust that the European tension will soon be removed
in a spirit of peace anàgood will, but,in this period of
unrest, the Swiss Federal Counsel knows itself, as ever, in full
agreement with the firm will of the united Swiss nation, to defend
the indépendance and neutrality of our country under all
circumstances and by all means. We know that our citizens»unafraid,
and as one maiy are prepared to make every and any $acrifice
in order to carry our indépendance and freedom through
all the perils of the present moment.
Blessed be a danger,which can remind a nation)bound together
by a mutual history of centuries to an inseparable comunity of
freedom, of its mission, its internal power and greatness and
its readiness for the supreme sacrifice.
The Swiss nation and its government are fully aware of the responsibility
they owe to the glorious past,and,inruture,to **»
We can,therefore,face the worfti-historidal occurencies of the
moment with stedfastness and fortitude.
Let us remain united, inseparable and strong.and providence
which has so evidently been with us in the past»will guide us
These were the words of Mr. Etter, President of the Swiss Confederation.