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Swiss Observer (SO) - 12 DEC 1941 - Anglais
Aperçu rapide de l'OCR:
tji ZX* 0*ffyl$4H fcA ?. ÏYi «Uw"" 2- , yi¿
Ladies and 'lentlemen,
The feverish military e.nd diplomatic activity
of the late autumn, las reached its climax during the past week« Up
to last Sunday, 4É»possibility wmélÊÊÊ m mÊÊ §m gfBÊtti that the rar
might enter a n~-- mri t» a aÉail" iiniawHMInrT ' ":"; owing to the îîiore
aetire Russian resistance and the British tenacity in north-eastern
Africa. Instead of that, the hitherto European War with its middleeastern,
ai'rican and atlantic complications, has suddenly developed
into that dreaded World War, which HOW embraces every continent and
every o c ean. "v £e¿» tK fí» *Q
TJra &m$vmfm&- surprise attack V last Sunday** followed
the modern methods inaugurated by her partners of the -ct#
Austria, Bohemia, Albania, Poland rere the first victims of these
methods, which in due course .ere employees-ail over Europe, and which
nor have reached the Pacific. In the midst of diplomatic negociaim*
r beam to til and war with all its horrors is" dc nrrii irr"! in *wwfr» *
always -furthor on. Emperors of several thousand years lineage follow
in the footsteps of»iiWM flictators anci iginoino $vi&nü.'i. ymtm tiLiL i1 gfl UT
c hoi» iiloaid'« mf• '(iWWt'gg!11 gvery sin of which Bolshevism is accused, becomes
a national "i r-tu- whmn y; mit 7+ rTiriiBaift;jJgTiiB Eifu; M i m MTITI
•P.-T1IJ a»» »«»..n». m; „¿„„ „„.» A .!.!#*• MuAttài faii..#.(iwi»wÉ«»ei
the nature of things, that considerable advantages result from such
surprise attacks, especially if they are carried out with "TwQ great
skill and courage for which Japanese warriors are famous, nevertheless,
it is difficult to understand lui] lu uni lliOlflffrpiirfTiwwai j| I
with : m -ferhgrfe such important linkin the chain of American defence,
Guam Éft_J¿¿«, fell so quickly into Japanese hands. It
s e em s a noroaa1 IsaTch porerful and well protected men-ofrar,
like the American OKLAHOMA, and the British PRINCE OP WALES and
REPULSE, should have been sunk so easily; if new weapons or hitherto
unknown manoeuvres are responsible for these losses, nev:' methods of
defense will doubtlessly und., it is of epeci&l interest
to note, that all these UWwfrtJ, as wVll as the Japanese HARUNA, rere
sunk from the air and neither torpedoed nor hit by guns from ennemy
Ae regards the strategic situation, it looks as ïf were trying
to cut-off the asiatic possessions of the United otates from the
motherland£ the American, British and Dutch colonies could thus be
isolated and bases like Hong-Kong and Singapore ixzrev&Bdfft er that,
a war of conquest sight begin in order to finish-off China in the
North, get hold of indispensable supplies from the Dutch Iolands in
the South, and approach the vast lands of colonisation on the Australian
continent. The very magnitude of this program, renders it possible
to Japan's opponents to rally their Porces.
events, accompanied by an exchange of declarations of v;ar all round
the Globe, and by the transformation of so-Grilled Peace-Pacts into
military alliances, aA 1 "fe la « o o ov oat s must not make us forget that the
key-position was, is and remains in Europe. The German Qhancellor,
obliged to call-off the Russian Winter Campaign, has been greatly
served by the development of events in the Par Past. Public attention
abroad, antf especially at home, has been drawn away ciainirii ni—y from
the impossibility in which Germany found herself tkE executed the
Pührer's program; p«d Tim« has heen gained , JJ¿ . wvtt Ihm f ffiTwa-wu»
a Mmw-1»im* m-mmí¡áaSae., to try ifhd execute a fresh »low in a ne